Why 'Cognitor' for our website and our emails?

Cognitor is derived from the Latin verb cognoscere. This multilayered verb means in particular: knowing, recognizing, perceiving, experiencing, exploring, investigating, representing in court.
The cognitor thus is a knowledgeable person, a cognitive person etc. ... and a representative in court.
In our work as lawyers, we always strive to be a cognitor. With cognitor in our e-mail and website, we continue the tradition of Dr. Gautschi, who founded our law firm on October 1,1932. He had already registered cognitor as a short address for telegrams sent to the firm. The incorporation of the word cognitor into the e-mail and website address thus takes us back to the roots of our firm.

We advise our clients in the fields of private and criminal law.

Thanks to our different focus and many years of experience, we can provide our clients with optimal support in a wide range of legal fields:

  • Criminal Law (inclusive Juvenile Criminal Law)
  • Economic and Corporate Criminal Law
  • International Rogatory Law in Criminal Matters
  • Contract Law
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Company and Corporate Law
  • Tenancy and Real Estate Law
  • Divorce Law
  • Law of Succession
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law
  • Immigration Law

We act both as consultants and litigators and conduct mediation.

Our major objective is to serve our mandates the best possible way.

Consequently, we take it as our duty to find the best economical solution for your request – this under short and long term aspects.

In this process, we attach great importance to a relationship of confidence and continuity between client and attorney.